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In our journey creating “Ultimate Desserts” we have collaborated with a lot of different brands and created exciting projects. From turning over our venue inside out to creating beautiful custom desserts.
Here are a few high lights of what we did!


DISNEY BFG - ROSTSOME Restaurant - 2016

Mango the media agency for Disney approached us to create a “Rostsome Restaurant” as a part of the premier of Disney BFG movie. Basically we transform KOI Chippendale into a BFG Rostsome Restaurant, kids and parents ate for free. In theme with BFG we created a tasty 3 course Rostsome menu.

Media links:
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KOI x L’occitane - 2018

Part of Bastille Festival, we collaborated with L’Occitane to create desserts that uses the same natural ingredients that L’Occitane uses in their products. So we created a L’Occitane cake with lemon verbena and almond

Guests were pampered with a relaxing hand massage with L’Occitane’s iconic products, whilst enjoying KOI desserts.


Alibaba x TMALL x KOi - 2018

Working with Wine Australia to further promote Australian Wine into the Chinese market. TMALL did a a venue take over at KOI Chippendale. We paired 8 Australian wines with our desserts.

TMALL invited the Chufei Churan twins to promote Australia’s diverse wine offering over the duration of the festival. The pair hosted a meet and greet with fans at KOI Dessert Bar at Kensington Street Chippendale.