Celebration Cakes

Order your birthday cakes, or cakes for any occasion. Our finest cakes are made to order, and we can’t wait to create a memorable cake for your auspicious occasion.



MINI | For 2 to 4 people (Approx 12cm) $45 (square shape only)
SMALL | For 6 to 8 people (Approx 18cm) $80
MEDIUM | For 10 to 12 people (Approx 20cm) $100

LARGE | For 14 to 16 people (Approx 24cm) $150

Mango and yuzu curd and vanilla joconde
Strawberry mousse with lychee jelly
Berry Cheesecake with baked lemon cheesecake
Popcorn with dark choc brownie, honeycomb and caramel jelly
Nomtella - Espresso mousse, salted caramel and brownie
Mascarpone Tiramisu (Classic Espresso/Matcha)
Mr Pistachio - Rich pistachio mousse with poppy seed joconde and mix berry
Red velvet sponge cake, pomegranate ganache and lemon cream cheese mousse
Watermelon lychee with chia seeds and berry consome jelly
Chocolate Delight - Rich dark chocolate mousse with passion fruit curd
Champagne rose mousse, baked cheesecake and mix berry
Black Forest - Dark choc brownie, cherry cream diplomat and berry consome jelly

Please note entremet cakes may be round or square

CAKE Slabs (rectangle)

HALF | For 2 to 4 people (Approx 12cm x 12cm) $45
SINGLE | For 9 to 10 people (Approx 12cm x 28cm) $100
DOUBLE | For 18 to 20 people - (Approx 24cm x 28cm) $200
TRAY | For 36 to 40 people - (Approx 48cm x 28cm) $400

White peach with french earl grey
Passionberry Cheesecake with raspberry jelly and passionfruit
Passion Colada - Coconut and mango mousse, coconut sponge and passion curd
Banana Caramel - Banana and choc mousse, caramel jelly, caramelised banana
Mont Blanc - Chestnut paste, vanilla and coffee joconde
Tricolo - Chocolate ganache with passion curd, raspberry and rum mousse
Hazelnut and coffee mousse, chocolate caramel ganache and frangelico jelly
Baileys with chocolate brownie and espresso
Green tea rose ganache with pistachio joconde, strawberry mousse and marshmallow
Opera Cake - coffee joconde, jasmine ganache, coffee buttercream, chocolate glaze

3 Days notice required for all celebration cake orders
All CelebrationCakes come with complimentary chocolate plaque
To place an order and arrange a pick up please call your nearest KOI Dessert Bar (Chippendale, Ryde, Macquarie Centre)