Christmas Celebration Cake 

Let us make you look fabulous this Christmas!

Our exclusive range of Fruit Cakes drenched in luxurious edible silver and gold, the elves have been working hard in creating “Christmas Bling”. Our elves couldn’t resist creating something with chocolate (for the chocolate lovers). Combining the classic flavours of summer berries and chocolate, we have “Berry Christmas” our giant version of our Naked Tart Raspberry cake.

With every Christmas Celebration Cake purchase, receive *20% off your Dining Room bill at KOI Chippendale. It is the season of giving after all!


Christmas Bling

Our Fruit Cake range coated in edible sliver and gold. Featuring Lemon, Pear and Cherry.
$125 (Serves 8-10)

This cake is gluten free (but may contain traces of gluten). Contains egg (but no raw egg), dairy, almond, alcohol. Is not vegan/halal.


Berry Christmas

A giant version of our Raspberry Naked Tart. Summer berries with 55% dark chocolate sitting on a dark chocolate brownie.
$85 (Serves 12-14)

This cake is gluten free (but may contain traces of gluten). Contains egg (but no raw egg), dairy. Is nut free (but may contain traces of nuts). Is alcohol free and Halal friendly. Is not vegan.

HOW TO ORDER: Simply give your nearest KOI location a call. If we don’t pick up your calls, most likely we are busy so drop us an email and we will get back to you. We require full payment upon ordering the Christmas Cake.

AVAILABILITY: The Christmas Cake is available for a pick up at KOI Chippendale/Ryde/Macquarie Centre from 11th December to 23rd December (11am to 9pm).
For 24th December
pick up is available from KOI Chippendale (11am to 9pm) , KOI Ryde (11am to 3pm) and KOI Macquarie Centre (11am to 6pm).

TRAVEL INSTRUCTIONS: With summer in mind, please keep the cake refrigerated and if you have to travel please be conscious of the heat (as the cake do melt!). Once you have arrived at your destination pop it in the fridge as soon as you can.

*20% off: 20% off can only be used at the Dining Room at KOI Chippendale, discount cant be combined, limit 1 per customer per transaction. 20% off the total bill of the table. 20% off discount valid until 31st Dec 2019.