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Cake Shop


Cake Shop

Online cake shop

To see our online cake selections please click on the button below. As our cake is fragile we do not offer delivery service, cakes are only to be picked up from 4pm onwards between Tuesday to Sunday from KOI Chippendale or KOI Ryde.
Please order by 5pm two days prior to pick up date.

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Custom Birthday Cakes

Custom Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes

For 10 to 12 people (Approx 24cm) $100
For 6 to 8 people (Approx 20cm) $75
For 4 to 6 people (Approx 18cm) $65

Mango and yuzu curd and vanilla joconde
Strawberry mousse with lychee jelly
Berry Cheesecake with baked lemon cheesecake
Popcorn with dark choc brownie, honeycomb and caramel jelly
Nomtella - Espresso mousse, salted caramel and brownie
Coconut mousse with kalamansi on salted almond sablé
Mascarpone Tiramisu

Rectangle 12cm x 28cm $75
Matcha Green Tea with strawberry and pistachio sponge
Red velvet cheesecake with strawberry eclair
White peach with french earl grey
Bailyes with chocolate brownies and espresso
Opera Cake

3 Days notice required for birthday cake order. 
All Birthday Cake comes with complimentary chocolate plaque.

To place an order please call us or send us an email to Hi@koidessertbar.com.au